Travel and accomodation


Ghent is easily accessible by train, with multiple trains leaving Brussels (Noord-Centraal-Zuid) and Antwerp every hour. If you are arriving by train, book your ticket to Gent-St. Pieters.

By plane, the closest major airport is Brussels National Airport. Several smaller airlines fly into Charleroi. However, we recommend flying into Brussels, as trains can be taken directly from the airport to Ghent (with or without a layover in Brussel Zuid), while traveling from Charleroi is more of a hassle (there is a bus service, but it is less predictable and does not run as early or as late as the the trains).


The city of Ghent hosts a large number of fine hotels and B&B’s. A very good search platform for finding a nice place in Ghent to stay during the conference can be consulted at or

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